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Who We Are?

Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Limited, incorporated in 1978, belongs to the JP Goenka Group of Companies. 
The Company is a globally respected manufacturer of Insoluble Sulphur. It possesses more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing this product. Over the years, its knowledge has translated into the ability to manufacture customised and value added grades These grades have helped address the demanding requirements of some of the largest quality-driven global downstream Rubber and tyre  manufacturers. 
The Company is driven by a deep sense of customer service. Its service mindset hasreflected in aproactive investment in people, plants, processes and presence.  Its service commitment has translated into a respect for timely deliveries and complementary technical services. These capabilities have helped provide customers with a holistic business-strengthening solutions.

The Spirit of OCCL

OCCL embraces challenges, desires to achieve the highest operational benchmarks, focuses on enhancing customer delight through service excellence and strengthens its customer positioning as the first company of first recall.

OCCL and its trusted brand

OCCL And its trusted brand At OCCL, our brand is the recall that we generate.  Over the last couple of decades, our brand has generated distinctive recalls across diverse stakeholders.

OCCL and business sustainability

OCCL And business sustainability OCCL And business sustainability At OCCL, we have protected our business fundamentals through the enunciation of priorities. Never over-leverage At OCCL, we have resisted the temptation

OCCL and customers

OCCL And Customers Overview At OCCL, we believe that in a business where we are located in one country but need to service customers across more than 21 countries, success

OCCL as responsible product manufacturing practices

OCCL As responsible product manufacturing practices Overview At OCCL, we believe that in the modern world, responsible manufacture comprises the ability to reconcile the needs of the customer, company and

OCCL and Its distinctive DNA

OCCL and its distinctive DNA Overview OCCL’s business is woven around a combination of superior product quality and  engaged customer service. Until as recent as a few decades ago, India

OCCL and cutting-edge technology

OCCL And cutting-edge technology OCCL And cutting-edge Technology Overview The role of cutting-edge Insoluble Sulphur manufacturing technology cannot be over-emphasised. The technology for this product is guarded. The number of

Occl And Governance

OCCL And Governance Overview At OCCL, we believe that an organisation managed around defined timeless values creates a basis for long-term relevance and endurance. We believe that mere enunciation is

Competitive strengths of our Company



OCCL represents comprehensive one-stop dependability (adequate availability of the required product quality, delivered at the right time) across its customers, strengthening its recall as an ‘excellent long-term partner


OCCL has consistently invested in research (process and product) to enhance proprietary knowledge to manufacture Insoluble Sulphur, a complex product. This has helped manufacture demanding grades.


OCCL has demonstrated adaptability and flexibility (in terms of product grades and quantities needed) in the face of demanding customer needs


OCCL represents an effective combination of promoter-directed and professionally-managed competencies. The Company’s effectiveness has been enhanced by a systems-driven and process-centric environment, strengthening business sustainability.


OCCL is driven by a commitment to outperform across market cycles – in terms of sales, profits, cash flows, brand, capacity and operating efficiency. The Company is focused on outperforming its retrospective growth average, the global growth of its product niche and the growth of the downstream tyres sector.


OCCL has been engaged in the manufacturing of Insoluble Sulphur for nearly two decades. The Company is among the most respected global manufacturers for its ability to customise products as per demanding customer specifications on the one hand and the ability to moderate manufacturing costs on the other.


OCCL possesses a track record of commissioning adequate capacity, just when customers need it. The Company has usually expanded its manufacturing capacities on the basis of product consumption estimates drawn up by customers. The result is that, it has proved to be a dependable extension of the business of its customers.


OCCL practices the highest standards of environment compliances that extend beyond the statutory requirements of the day. The result is that the Company’s operations are safe for the environment, employees, customers, end consumers and communities


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